technology to thrive in today's mobile world

  • alert

    Two-way communication, accurate locations, and medical information creates superior emergency management.

  • Assist

    Use technology to create community support that helps solve crimes and create a safer environment.

  • rescue

    Push information directly to field officers for quicker response times and better service.

  •         University Safety safety technology

    As prospective students and their parents become increasingly concerned about safety; 911Cellular is helping universities and colleges across the nation provide unprecedented levels of safety for their campus communities. By providing advanced technologies and comprehensive marketing packages, 911Cellular can help your institution boost safety and better market themselves. Click here to learn more.

  • School Safety (K-12) School Safety (K-12)

    Although attacks are difficult to prevent; 911Cellular is committed to helping minimize the damage when a school is attacked. 911Cellular can help your district launch safety technologies that easily connects distressed persons to the nearest law enforcement officers. With easy deployment and affordable prices, 911Cellular is committed to helping protect our nations students and teachers. Click to learn more. 

  • Hospital Safety  website 2

    Far too often hospital staff fall victim to violence. 911Cellular is helping hospitals across the nation protect their staff and make a statement that safety matters. With applications that are uniquely designed for hospitals, 911Cellular wants to help you boost staff safety and increase the marketability of your hospital to top doctors and nurses. Click to learn more.

  • Mass Notification Systems

    Whether you're a school, university, business, sports team, religious group or social organization, having the ability to communicate with your entire group is critical to the success of your organization. From simple schedule changes to emergency situations, 911Cellular allows you to easily send messages. With social media integration, a special app to send alerts, special grouping and much more, 911Cellular has a system that can accommodate organizations of every size. Click to learn more.