Safety App Systems

We’ve carefully designed and developed our safety app systems to assist in quick, accurate emergency response… helping to bridge various communication gaps in the process.

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Using geo-fences and the nation’s first Indoor Positioning System (IPS) for public safety, our app systems can send pinpoint accurate locations and pertinent information about 9-1-1 callers directly to your department. It also helps that our IPS technology already surpasses F.C.C. vertical location accuracy requirements for the year 2021.


Prevent crime before it happens by allowing your community to easily report safety concerns with photo and video attachments if needed. Tips can be reported anonymously.

Using iReport during an emergency can also be an option when calling is not ideal.

Convenient service reporting options allow your community to easily contact the proper service departments with their concern or request, greatly increasing department efficiency.


Allow your community to watch over their friends and family in potentially dangerous situations. Emergency contacts will be notified if the pre-set timer hits zero.


Keep important documents and procedures all in one place. Don’t worry about distributing printed copies, or if everyone has the most updated version… it’s all right here.

Services Can Also Include...

Non-Emergency Contact

Request a safety escort or contact a non-emergency phone number.


Access community maps.

Bus Tracker

Keep track of local bus schedules and locations.

Free For Your Community

After launching your app system, your community can download the app for FREE on both Android and iOS smartphones.

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