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2020 was a year of chaos and uncertainty for a variety of reasons… but even as the year came to a close, few could have expected the horrific Christmas day explosion that took place at 6:30 in the morning in downtown Nashville. 

Incredible amounts of damage to the downtown Nashville area were sustained when Anthony Warner used his recreational vehicle as a bomb. The area of the explosion, usually bustling with activity, was fortunately empty in the early morning hours when the bomb detonated. At this time there is no known motivation for Warner’s act of violence.  

Police were first notified of the situation through 911 calls reporting gunshots in the area. Dispatched police officers were given warning of an impending explosion via audible alerts emitted from the recreational vehicle. Given less than fifteen minutes until detonation, police officers responded quickly by securing the area, preventing additional car and foot traffic on site. Officers worked diligently to alert and evacuate nearby residents and workers by knocking on doors and making loud speaker announcements when possible. Due to their quick thinking and heroic selflessness, the only death associated with the explosion was that of the bomber.

Other damages produced by this Christmas day explosion included:

  • Several people injured/hospitalized
  • 41 businesses materially damaged
  • Numerous individuals left jobless due to their workplaces being damaged
  • Many local residents being left without electricity and water
  • Multiple delayed flights out of Nashville International Airport

The Nashville bombing is an important reminder that in all types of emergencies time is of the essence. Thankfully the authorities on the scene acted quickly and utilized the limited time they were given to evacuate nearby residents, potentially saving many lives. However, rarely do emergency situations come with a warning or countdown timer. In these instances it’s important to have a plan in place, a way to communicate with many individuals quickly and efficiently.

Mass Communication Systems give safety forces, landlords, business owners, and authorities the ability to communicate life saving information to thousands of people instantly. In the case of a bombing or active shooter event, protective services can warn and direct individuals to safety pre-emptively or during the event. Notifications can be sent via many platforms including: SMS, email, phone call, loudspeaker, digital signage, CCTV and many more. The 911Cellular Mass Notification System allows you to send one message via multiple communication methods, saving precious time when it matters most.

Learn more about taking the next step to protect your community with unprecedented and easy-to-use emergency communication technology.