Emergency Buttons

We really like the idea of having emergency buttons accessible to all people in all situations.

When Activated...

All of our Emergency Button products are designed to discreetly signal for assistance. Accurate location information is sent to the proper dispatcher’s portal and your chosen Emergency Response Team members will be notified for the quickest possible response.

Computer Emergency Buttons

You can download and install our Computer Emergency Buttons easily from the cloud, meaning no additional hardware is required.

Traditional ‘Bank Style’ panic buttons are expensive to install, test and repair. Our cloud-based buttons make testing simple. Test your Computer Emergency Buttons 24 / 7 / 365.

It makes sense to communicate both ways, so having the capability to send emergency alerts and non-emergency notifications to CEB equipped computers was important to us.

Key-chain Emergency Buttons

Unfortunately, there are scenarios where using a smartphone app during an emergency is not possible, or could escalate the situation. Key-chain Emergency Buttons can be a life-saver at these times.
Key-chain Emergency Buttons are the quickest, most discreet method of signaling for emergency assistance, and can send advanced location info to the proper dispatch.

We’ve designed our KEBs to help reduce unintended activations and to look as unsuspecting as possible.

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