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Workplace violence in healthcare is a big problem


Nurses who report assault or abuse


Nurses who report feeling unsafe at work

The cost of replacing a single nurse

This is a systemic problem that needs to be addressed to protect our nation’s healthcare professionals

This is a systemic problem that needs to be addressed to protect our nation’s healthcare professionals

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for hospital violence

When your team needs help fast, they’re not always going to have direct access to their smartphone or a computer. In these scenarios, Bluetooth panic buttons are necessary, for undeniably fast and discreet panic button activation.


Regardless of the situation, if your team needs to notify others of an emergency situation the Bluetooth panic button provides the most discreet way to quickly alert others to a distressing situation.


From scrubs to lanyards, and most surfaces in between. The Bluetooth panic button can be worn in a multitude of ways. The button can be taken anywhere your team would like to go! An alert system that never leaves you.

Privacy protected

When the panic button is activated, your location is accurately conveyed to the appropriate Emergency Response Team members. Locations are only known immediately after activation of the panic button.

No Coverage Gaps

From reception areas, emergency rooms, parking garages, and everything in between. Our panic button solutions have got your team covered. Preventing hospital violence anywhere, anytime.

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Founded by law enforcement

Our organization has its origins in law enforcement. Keeping people safe has never been theoretical for us.

Protecting hundreds of thousands of healthcare heroes daily

We are currently protecting a multitude of healthcare heroes with our products.

Over 149,000 and counting of incidents resolved

These are not just numbers, these are the people who we’ve helped gain peace of mind.

“It is a blessing from the lord…”


Renee Bledsoe
Panic Button solution user

“We went ahead and made the purchase on it. It’s been really successful, it’s easy to use, it’s dependable and the service and support that we get from the organization is really bar none compared to anyone else. ”


Ray Stanley

“The support that we get has been unbelievable and very much appreciated on our end. ”


Dave McLaughlin
Director of Safety Services


Hundreds of thousands of healthcare heroes already trust our panic button solutions daily.

Lets take the first step to prevent hospital violence and keep our heroes safe

There is only one goal, to keep you and your team safe. Giving Healthcare institutions peace of mind, through our panic button solutions, is the standard we strive for. Take the first step and join a multitude of other institutions that are keeping their teams safe.