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Welcome to this week’s 911Cellular Feature Focus, where we highlight a specific aspect of the 911Cellular Solution and find out what makes it so valuable. Today we’re covering the Mass Notification System feature simply called ‘I’m Safe’. The ‘I’m Safe’ feature provides crucial information regarding the safety status and location of community members when a critical event occurs. By activating ‘I’m Safe’, Portal users are directly asking Recipients if they’re safe through various notification platforms.

im-safe-911cellular-mass-notification-system-mobile-safety-app-interfaceThis information is then instantly relayed, sorted and presented back to the institution so that Portal users can act fast to pinpoint the epicenter of the event while properly responding to those who need it the most.

This intuitive feature is incredibly easy to activate on any mass notification by utilizing a simple toggle switch when crafting the message of the alert.

Let’s take a closer look at the data presented to the Portal user after a mass notification is sent with ‘I’m Safe’ activated…


Portal users will have an incredible advantage as data comes in, as they’ll be able to utilize location-specific information for both those who respond ‘I’m Safe’ and, more importantly, those who respond ‘I’m NOT SAFE’. A table below the live map is displayed showing each Recipient’s name, status and contact information. The table will automatically prioritize those who respond ‘I’m NOT SAFE’, displaying them at the top.

Portal users can then act on this data by reaching out to those who respond ‘I’m NOT SAFE’ and carrying out their department’s protocol. If Portal users get in contact with Recipients who originally responded ‘I’m NOT SAFE’, but then declare themselves as safe, their status can be changed within the Portal. Similarly, any Recipient who chooses ‘I’m Safe’ can change their status to ‘I’m NOT SAFE’ through the various platforms in which they received their notification.

‘I’m Safe’ adds unparalleled versatility to a Mass Notification System already packed with highly effective, real-world applicable features. To learn more about 911Cellular’s Mass Notification System, visit our website.