Wearable panic buttons

The quickest way to signal for help

wearable panic buttons - security safety personal
  • Pairs with your other devices to provide blanket coverage, removing deadspots
  • Contains a battery designed to last years, not months or weeks
  • Attaches easily to clothing, lanyards, keychains and even furniture

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Safety that follows

Bringing 'dead spots' back to life

When your community members are not near a computer or able to access their smartphones, they still deserve to be protected. We've developed our wearable panic buttons to assist those in need, even when they're on the move, with discrete and easy activation. This means there effectively are no 'dead spots' in your coverage, which is paramount when providing life-saving solutions.

wearable panic buttons - security safety personal - complete coverage
wearable panic buttons - security safety personal - device integration

Device integration

Pairing your wearable panic button

The wearable panic button pairs seamlessly with smartphones and computers to help safety forces locate the source of the activation. when an incident occurs, users can activate their wearable panic button instead of reaching for their phone or looking around for a nearby computer, providing quick assistance without arousing suspicion from those nearby.

Signaling for help is easy

Designed to reduce false activations

A quick double click of the wearable panic button will send a signal to your team members and security forces through the button's paired device. 3- color LED indicators inform the user of the button's pairing status, activation and battery life while the soft-touch surface can help to calm the user if distressed. Accidental single clicks won't trigger a signal to send, reducing false activations that distract your team.

wearable panic buttons - security safety personal - easy activation

Security Camera Streaming

Use your existing cameras for live info

Your nearby security cameras can be triggered to display their feed in the specific area of the incident after a panic button has been activated. This can give your response teams even more information about the situation.

The command center

Stunningly stress-free and simple...

With the all-in-one 911Cellular portal, your configuration, training and continued use is a breeze. The expertly designed interface gives you all the features you need to deploy an enterprise-level system, without the clutter and confusion of a crowded product.

wearable panic buttons - security safety personal - 911Cellular portal

...the value of analytics

Sort critical data to find insight into panic button usage, response times and which team members are responding.

Protect your entire community, wherever they roam

Reception areas

Wearable panic buttons are perfect for reception areas where they can be paired to nearby computers and placed underneath the desk.

Parking garages

When entering and exiting your buildings, parking garages pose a threat to community safety, wearable panic buttons reduce this risk.

After hours

After hours are a time to be concerned about the safety of your community. Wearable panic buttons help to extend protection beyond sunset.

NIST-tested location technology

Can locate down to the floor and room number

Contacts your custom groups and security forces

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Protect all of your caregivers with a multi-layered approach to safety, reducing healthcare violence and organizational liability.

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Provide your students and staff members with unprecedented safety and convenience technology while staying Clery compliant.

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