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Higher Education

With the Clery Act in mind, CampusShield safety solutions for higher education institutions focuses on minimizing violence and harassment on campuses nationwide while providing a thorough and integrated alert system for efficiently keeping your campus community up to date.

Healthcare Institutions

Reduce liability, protect your brand and attract the best working talent to your healthcare organization with HealthGuard safety solutions. HealthGuard provides comprehensive coverage of soft areas with easily managed panic buttons that can be accurately located during emergencies for quick response times.

K-12 Schools

EducationShield provides K-12 schools with safety solutions to help prevent violent incidents, as well as providing access to a multitude of emergency communication devices to assist in blanketing your school with seamless protective technology.

Public Safety

PublicShield uses hyper-accurate Indoor Positioning Technology to help prevent unnecessary deaths that occur due to inaccurate smartphone emergency call locations. PublicShield safety solutions help to bridge the gap between first responders and the people they serve by reducing response times.