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Welcome to this week’s Feature Focus, where we highlight a specific aspect of the 911Cellular Solution and find out what makes it so valuable. Today’s topic is 911Cellular’s Smart Temperature Checks and the COVID Safety Map. Both of these features can assist your organization in reopening, remaining open safely, and preventing the spread of COVID-19. 


Smart Temperature Checks – Temperature checks at entry points are popping up everywhere, so too are the long wait lines and disorganization associated with them. For these reasons, 911Cellular has created Smart Temperature Checks. Through the use of Contactless Bluetooth Thermometers, 911Cellular is shortening entry point check-in lines, quickening the entry flow process, and giving organizations access to critical temperature scanning data. Contactless Bluetooth Thermometers connect seamlessly to any smartphone, where scanned temperatures are displayed. Individuals exhibiting an acceptable temperature are granted time-sensitive entry access, removing the need for individuals to pass through temperature checkpoints multiple times per day. Smart Temperature Checks allow organizations to reopen quickly, efficiently, and safely. 







COVID Safety Map is part of 911Cellular’s Mobile Safety Application and highlights the location of COVID Specific features on an interactive map. Organizations can create customizable pins to help community members easily navigate to hand sanitizing stations, COVID-19 testing sites, healthcare facilities, entry check points, mask pickup locations, etc. By associating an expiration date with a pin, organizations can highlight a date specific event or short term feature, such as a mobile testing site or community outreach events. The COVID Safety Map empowers Mobile Safety App users to access helpful and potentially life saving community resources. 


If you’re interested in implementing the Smart Temperature Check System, pre-ordering Contactless Bluetooth Thermometers, or setting up a COVID Safety Map for your community please visit our website or contact us directly. We want to help your organization and community safely return to a new normal!