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A company or any working environment should always be a place where creativity thrives and where a person feels safe. Workplaces often take various measures in order to ensure that their employees feel safe in their working environment. This is helpful in boosting their productivity and makes them feel more relaxed. That being said, there are some professions where a company must take extra steps in order to make their employees feel safe without the work environment looking like a fortress.  One of these safety methods are workplace panic buttons.

What is a Panic Button?

A panic button is a device or software that most employees either place on their body or near their work station in order to send a distress signal to the nearest guard, security, or the police. If the panic button is software, it is simply installed onto a computer or tablet. A panic button is one of the most effective ways of keeping your employees safe from violence, whether it be from a customer or another employee of the same office.

In most cases a panic button is only in place to save you from personal harm, with a distress signal that goes to the security of that specific department. The panic button can be a quiet signal that is sent to the nearest guard, or a proper alarm with a blaring sound. A company can choose the type which suits them best so their employees can safely press the panic button.

The Benefits of a Panic Button

Depending on the type of panic button you are installing, the benefits vary significantly. However, they fundamentally serve the same purpose.

  1. Helps the Person in Distress

The obvious benefit of a panic button is that it can help save a victim from violence or any emergency scenario. This can be very helpful in a workplace where a representative has to communicate with a customer face to face. This can also be useful in an office setting where the victims are at arm’s length of the perpetrator.

  1. Reduces Liability & Risk

In businesses and hospitals, panic buttons help first responders reach the person in need faster, which often helps to de-escalate violent situations and ultimately reduce the severity of the potential harm done. This reduced injury rate can lower your company’s liability and reduce the cost of injury payouts.

  1. Alerting Fellow Employees Of A Situation

This is often found in hospitals, where nurses or doctors can wear receivers so they can reply to an emergency almost immediately. Certain panic buttons, when used, can alert members of this ‘response team’ with pertinent location information so they can respond not only quickly, but accurately.


Workplace panic buttons are one of the most important parts of any company’s security, as it can send help for the victim almost instantly. Moreover, it is not limited to any specific organization, and is great for a variety of different companies. Your employees feel safe and productive when you have installed or provided workplace panic buttons for them to use.

911Cellular’s computer panic buttons are easily installed software that can work on any desktop, laptop or tablet device in your organization. To learn more about our discreet computer panic button technology, visit our website or reach out via email at [email protected]